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Matts Albano’s creative mind and keen eye to details springs from her background in advertising account management. Her ten years of experience in an advertising agency has taught her the importance of analytical skills and strategic approach in brand management. Armed with such a philosophy and creative talent, she started doing flower arrangements and wedding planning services in 1998.  Matts’ more than two decades of experience in handcrafting fresh flower bouquets and tabletops will definitely secure your wedding flower requirements on the most important day of your life. As the wedding planner, she loves to guide the bride in the overwhelming process of planning a wedding and make sure that the bride's desires are met or even surpassed.

Matts is passionate about what she does, finding happiness in creating the perfect wedding for two people in love...and the joyous magical celebration of marriage enlightens her spirit. Her favorite part in the wedding is the 'Ceremony', -  where the promise and vows to love each other and the commitment to be there for each other for richer and poorer always gets her. For Matts, to witness the couple's love and promise to forevermore to one another is the most meaningful time of the couple's celebration of marriage. This is one of the best reasons why she loves weddings so much.


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